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1. High sensitivity and excellent gap characteristics.

2. Uniform sensitivity for all channels.

3. Output voltage is independent of scanning speed.

4. Excellent CMRR performance due to differential design.

5. Each Sensor has detection width of 63mm, without non-detection area.

6. LTJ-XM-180 has 18x channels and channel width of 10mm.


1. Bank note validator.

2. Magnetic ink document reader.

Absolute parameters

Item   Value Unit
Max. Supply Voltage Va max 6 V
Isolation Voltage VI 200 V
Working Temperature Topg -10 ~ +65
Storage Temperature Tstg -30 ~ +85
Working Humanity HRh 10 ~ 90 %
ESD Level (HBM) ESD 2 kV

Electrical specifications(Ta = 25℃)

Item   Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage Vcc   1 5 5.5 V
Resistance R     2   kOhm
Offset Vd Va = 5 V   2.5   V
Sensitivity 1 VP-P Va = 5 V   1.5   mV
Noise Vnw Va = 5 V     50 uV

1 The sensitivity can be calculated by using the testing method described below (Fig. 1).

Physical parameters

Item Part Number Min Typ Max Unit
Detection Width Wd LTJ-XM-180 180 mm
Surface Field1 H LTJ-XM-180 750 Gs
Channel width Wc LTJ-XM-180 10 mm

1 The magnetic field on the surface of the sensor along the width direction.


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